EMNLP 2015 accepted papers recommender

Ben, who is in charge of machine learning and data science at Lateral, is currently at EMNLP 2015 (a Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing) in Lisbon. Ben was using the Conference4me app and messaged me saying that we should create a recommender for all the abstracts from the conference. It sounded like a fun little task so I set out creating a demo. 

I took the abstract data from here and inserted each abstract to the API as a document. Then I wrote a basic interface to browse the results using JSFiddle. The browsing interface lists all the abstracts with their titles and authors. For each paper there are two links. One gives recommendations of papers from arXiv.org and the other recommends other abstracts from EMNLP 2015 that are similar.

Try it out the demo in a new window here or below: