Helping you review documents faster

During the past couple of years, we have been building tools to help teams working in expert fields find the information and expertise they need. These fields include law, engineering, consulting and medicine, and our aim was to craft an approach that was relevant for any profession where expert knowledge is needed to interpret information and make a decision. We wanted to make it possible for an expert to scale their expertise.

Teaching machines new languages

Previously we’ve written about how machines can learn meaning. One of the exciting opportunities of this approach is that it also means they can learn new languages very quickly. We have recently started working on supporting new languages, and thought we would share some initial impressions here.

Building a personal research assistant in a spreadsheet

A while back we partnered up with Blockspring to enable anyone to use our API without needing to write any code. They’ve created an awesome solution that allows you to make use of a range of great APIs using only a spreadsheet. This enables you to bring data into your spreadsheet, run text-analysis and much more. […]

Exploring your thoughts with machine learning

Having recently released our TED talks demo we felt another interesting application would be the thoughts of one person. No one fits that description more than Maria Popova’s excellent collection of ideas on her Brain Pickings site. With thoughts on music to philosophy we felt it would be an excellent exploration of how our technology represents thoughts.

TED Talks Visualizer

TED is an awesome platform for ideas, so we thought an interesting experiment would be having our API provide recommendations based on the talks’ transcripts.